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Creating a Profitable Kienyeji Chicken Farm

Behind-the-scenes secrets to become the best!

In this course you will learn:


The Basics:

Essential knowledge you MUST know before starting or growing your poultry farm.


Steps for Keeping Healthy and Productive Chickens:

Learn about the right nutrition, hygiene management, and disease control for a high-performance flock.


How to Incubate and Care for Young Chicks:

The proper procedures and tasks you NEED to do for maximum survival rates.


Secrets to Maximize profitability:

Discover numerous cost-saving techniques and business skills to help you find a market and GROW YOUR FARM!

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How this course helped me

By: Oskar Simatwo, Eldoret



In 2016 I started my own farm, I had 46 kienyeji chicken and everything went very good for the first few months. After the third month, my flock started dying. At one point half of them dropped in ONE night... I was starting to get very nervous since I put all my savings into this farm and it was all I had left. I would eventually lose everything if things didn't start to change. I was becoming desperate and had to borrow some small capital from my Aunt to rebuild. I had to get smarter and figure out why my chickens were dying! I was recommended this course by a friend and saw several success stories from other poultry farmers who saw their flocks grow 50% in three month. A few weeks after finishing the course I was back on track! It turns out that my chickens were dying due to poor hygiene and disease management - which was easy to fix. This course taught me everything I needed to know about creating a profitable Kienyeji Chicken farm and was the best money I have EVER spent. A few months later I was able to pay back my aunt, and now am a successful farmer with a steady income and over 540 Kienyeji Chickens!


This course is a
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You are dreaming of becoming a poultry farmer, but don't know where to start.

You are a soon-to-be a poultry farmer who wants to get things done right the first time.

You are an existing poultry farmer who wants to make more money.

Reserve your spot today and get more information + Learn the 8 mistakes to avoid to succeed in the poultry business.

What our students say:

I LOVE THIS! I thought I knew so much about rearing chicken...thank you for disproving me. You have made my learning so much easier than I ever anticipated!"

- Newton Odali (eLengo Student)

The going is good! - I now have some helpful knowledge about poultry keeping unlike before. I could have failed but now I will do it the right way"

- Titus Mbevi (eLengo Student)

This is the best online course that any aspiring poultry farmer can join. Very resourceful and informative. Feedback with elaborative references one on one with experts."

- Fredrick Mandela Omondi (eLengo Student)



Lifetime access to 3-4 hours of quality training videos.
3 Practice Tests and a Final Exam to test your knowledge.
A 20+ page course training manual.
An Official Certificate of Completion once you pass the final exam.
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